8 Sets Luminous Face Gems Stick on Eyes Body Rave Festival Makeup Glow In Dark

【Glow In The Dark】🧜‍♀️ Good quality and design to the facial jewels, are brighter. Noctilucent body jewels can cast a bright light, even if in a completely dark environment. Please illuminate these jewel stickers with light before using them. This operation will make these face crystals look clearer. WIDELY TOY luminous eyeshadow gems are so pretty and sparkly and will be a nice touch not only for cosplay, Halloween, and Mardi Gras, but for parties and date nights or just for a fun night out.

【Long-Lasting Adhesion】🧜‍♀️WIDELY TOY temporary tattoo decals stick very well and don’t fall off easily. The gems are easy to use and stay put all night. Taking them off didn’t hurt you or leave any visible marks on your skin. You just simply pull them off in one complete piece, slap it on your clean, dry face, and you're good to go! I suggest adding makeup after/around the jewels. Definitely clean oils and other dirt off the face before use to help with adhesion.

【Easy To Apply/ Remove】🧜‍♀️ Each set of these rhinestones for makeup is packed individually. You could mix them up or use them as a single set. WIDELY TOY rhinestones stickers are Made of 100% safe and healthy Rhinestone and Acrylic stones and are comfortable to wear and fit all ages. They also come off very easily-no scrubbing needed-they peeled right off and didn't leave any sticky residue behind. Also, they can be used more than once with some body glue or eyelash glue(offered instructions).

【Unique Designs】🧜‍♀️ Great set of 8 different face jewels in an array of patterns and shapes. These face glitters come in packages with designs already laid out. One giant lovely self stick jewels sticker that each gem doesn't have to be applied individually but you can break them apart if you want to use them more randomly. The gem sticker sheet isn’t all attached, which makes it easier to design your look.

【Sparkly Face Gems Fun For All】🧜‍♀️Girls (and guys) enjoy dressing up and putting something flashy on, and face jewelry temporary tattoos can catch the light really well. You can wear them as a part of everyday attire. These are super fun and elaborate! The gems will be the icing on the cake! 【WIDELY TOY PROMISE】We will provide you with the finest product and service or we’ll refund your every cent. Add your jewels to your cart and experience the WIDELY TOY pop culture experience phenomenon.

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